Our primary focus at Allyacht Spars (AYS) is to be the primary supplier of quality yacht masts, spars and rigging to the Australian and overseas markets.

Custom masts are produced for both cruising and racing yachts.

We supply to production boat builders throughout Australia, for both multihull’s and monohulls. Pictured below is a Lightwave 38, built by Lightwave yachts.

Lightwave 38 b

Our mast extrusions are exclusive to AYS, designed in-house, and manufactured in Australia. We have a 21 metre anodising plant which enables production of masts to this length in one piece.

We are able to supply complete deck hardware packages including a range of products that AYS is the distributor for in Australia.

Moonlight hatches and portlights (Denmark), and the Easy Marine range of clutches, blocks and deck hardware systems. Additionally we are able to supply hardware from brands such as Andersen, Ronstan, Harken, Lewmar, Wichard as well as many other suppliers. Refer to our links page.

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Along side our primary business we manufacture and supply flagpoles and industrial rigging to commercial, industrial and private customers. We are also able to offer installation services for both of these lines of product.

Allyacht Spars Australia not only provides products Australia-wide to the yachting industry, we have branched out and are now supplying internationally, In particular to South East Asia.

See our International Export Service.

With a focus on customising solutions to the requirements of a particular boat or project, and with a Sales Team comprising experienced and well-credentialed sailors, we are able to service the broad range of customers through out the market.

We have developed ongoing relationship’s with boat-builders, production boat companies and designers which we continue to build on to ensure a long productive mutually befitting partnership. We have established wholesale agents in key locations such as that are able to provide a hands on approach to clients in those area’s.

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Allyacht masts, spars and rigging are designed using software that has been specifically developed for Allyacht Spars Australia with information provided by boat designers, naval architects and engineers. This, in conjunction with the experience of AYS personnel involved, ensures that rigs are produced with strength, safety, and functionality. Both cruising and racing boats are catered for to meet their particular needs, monohulls and Multihull’s alike.